In Financial Distress, Brick Democrats Raise Taxes, Fire 44 Teachers, Paras in School District

Growing taxes - Closeup of colour blocks with TAX and money stacks on table - Tax concept

The Brick Township wing of the political “Clean Slate” movement of Ocean County has announced they will be “significantly” raising taxes and cutting 44 jobs with the Brick Township School District.

According to a story today at the Brick Shorebeat, the district is now in a financial crunch.

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The operating budget for 2018 will be $155 million, of which $109 million will be raised through taxes.  The tax increase will add $138 per home assessed at $295,000.

The cuts are mostly targeting paraprofessionals and teachers.   17 teachers and 23 paras will lose their jobs along with one assistant principal.

The Clean Slate team, a Democrat political machine which operates in Toms River and Brick Township wrestled control of the board through the annual election cycles.


The team’s first action, like all good socialists, was a mass execution of political opponents in 2016.

This year’s Clean Slate sponsored tax raise is slightly over $4,000,000, a 4.3% increase.

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