Police: Drunk Man Stole Car from Brick Body Shop

BRICK-On 04/29/2018 at 0305 hours Officer Joseph Riccio was on patrol in the area of Princeton Avenue and Post Road where he observed a vehicle stopped in the travel lane. As he approached the vehicle, it moved to the shoulder of the road by Robins Street. It appeared that the 2005 silver Subaru Forester was possibly disabled as Riccio approached.

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The vehicle’s driver identified as Camilo Galindo-Sanmartin, white, male, 27 years old from Forked River exited the vehicle staggering to the front of the vehicle near the engine compartment. 

Officer Mark Storch arrived on scene to assist at which point Officers observed the vehicle was apparently in the process of being repaired by an auto body shop due to auto body parts inside the vehicle. A front grill assembly was placed on the rear seat, the key ring had a work order tag attached and the front hood had tape on it, commonly used to cut edges in preparation for painting. Galindo-Sanmartin stated the vehicle belonged to a friend but he could not recall the owner’s name. 

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Realizing that the vehicle might be from a body shop Officer Storch responded to Andrews Auto Body that is a short distance from their location. Upon arrival he observed the garage door was open and a window was smashed in the paint booth. The garage also had an empty spot, which had fresh tire tracks in the sanding dust on the floor.
A representative from Andrews Auto Body responded to their shop and confirmed the Subaru was in fact removed from his shop during the night.

While Officer Storch was confirming the vehicle theft at Andrews Auto Body, Officer Riccio determined that Galindo-Sanmartin was intoxicated and was subsequently arrested. It was also confirmed that Galindo-Sanmartin was responsible for the burglary and theft of the vehicle from Andrews Auto Body.


Officers on the scene returned the vehicle to Andrews Auto Body and the owner was notified that their vehicle was stolen and returned to Andrews.

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Detective Waleski responded to assist with the investigation along with Detective Waldhelm who processed the scene and collected evidence.

Galindo-Sanmartin was transported to headquarters where he was charged with, Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief, Driving while intoxicated, Reckless Driving, Careless Driving and Obstruction of Traffic.

Camillo was processed and released on a summons with a return court date.