Toms River Police Taunt Ortley Coffee Bandits After Daring Caper Leaves Police Empty Handed


ORTLEY BEACH-Toms River Police are on the hunt for two suspected coffee bandits after they allegedly ran off with $700 in K-Cups.  So far, the couple has eluded police and the department is now asking for the public’s assistance to solve this crime and bring the K-Cup bandits to justice.

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After not being able to find the couple, the department posted the following taunt on their Facebook Page.

“Tick-Tock Tick-Tock. That is the sound of time running out for these two. Within 30 minutes of our original media release with partnering news agencies and Facebook posts; the tips came flooding in,” the department said. “Here is a bit of friendly advice for the highly caffeinated couple. You better enjoy your $770 worth of stolen coffee because I have a feeling we will be seeing you before you have time to drink it all.”

The good news is, police serve coffee in jail, according to the post.  The bad news is police say they only stock decaf.

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“P.S. – we only serve Decaf in our jail so you better drink up while you still can,” the department said. “#YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE [sic]”


So how did the dastardly deed go down?

According to police, on April 25th Officer Andrew Gannon responded to the Ortley Beach Acme in reference to a theft.

It was reported to him by the manager that two suspects were seen on video surveillance removing seven boxes of Keurig K-Cups valued at $110 each. The unknown man and woman removed the $770 worth of coffee from the store and fled before being apprehended.

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Six days later, police report that these two criminal masterminds have been able to evade capture, hunkering down with plenty of fresh cups of coffee in their yet undiscovered lair.