Lawyers: NJ High School Baseball Player Suing Coach for Making Him Slide into Third Base


BOUND BROOK-It’s the sort of lawsuit that could upend high school sports for generations to come, but it’s true, a high school softball player is suing his coach for making him slide into third base.

The event took place in a junior varsity game when coach John Suk made student athlete Jake Mesar slide into third base on a triple to deep left-centerfield.

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As he slid into third base, Mesar’s cleat stuck in the dirt and he rolled his ankle.

The case was originally dismissed in February 2017, but Mesar apeaked the case to the Appellate Division of New Jersey’s Superior Court.

Now, it will be up to the courts to decide whether the player poorly executed his slide into third base or if the coach should be held liable for having his player slide on what he claims was a routine play.   What ramifications could a ruling in favor of the player have for high school sports coaches across the state if they were to be held liable for injuries caused by routine plays in sports activities?

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The future of High School sports now lies in the hands of lawyers and the courts.