Are Owners of Proposed Howell Transfer Station Taunting Local Residents?

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HOWELL-A sign that sprang up at the property owned by Resource Engineering, a recycling firm owned by the family of longtime Monmouth political insider Claire French.  French retired as the Monmouth County Clerk in 2015.

The French family seeks to convert their Randolph Road mulch facility into a fully functional solid waste disposal site, which could see tons of harmful construction debris trucked in along narrow rural roads, a prospect the local community does not want.

After attempts to slide the application in under the eyes of unsuspecting residents last summer, the community has rallied together in support against the application.

A couple of weeks ago, a sign popped up in front of the front property declaring it as the future site of a transfer station.

This sign angered some residents, who have gathered in unity on the “Stop the Dump in Howell” Facebook page.”Future Transfer Station! Really?” the page administrator wrote. “Last we checked the Freeholders were in the process of conducting their own traffic study. Either Resource Engineering is ultra-confident their application is going to get approved or completely oblivious to the resolve of the Howell residents.”

Michael Jon Berstein who says he is a candidate for Howell Township Council said, “I’m angry with the lack of transparency and the blatant attempt to slide this under the radar. As a resident I’m angry that we were lied to.”

Susan Dudas wrote, “Transfer station, I believe is the politically correct term for dump.”

“I have confirmed by 3 different sources. One at the County and 2 in Town that nothing has changed,” said local business owner and resident Andre de Garmeaux. “The Freeholders took this off their agenda, and the DEP, nor anyone else can waive it thru. The Sign apparently was a Sophomoric attempt at putting the proverbial thumb in our eye… Perhaps a boycott of their mulch would get their attention to show us some respect?”

To date, the transfer station has not received necessary approvals to begin construction or operation.