Another Iconic Jackson Storefront Goes on the Market

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JACKSON-As you drive down Chandler Road in Jackson, you can’t miss the iconic old country style ranch that once was the home of the Sportsman’s Shanty and Andrew’s Beauty Shop.

Andrew and Beatrice Borbotko ran the stores together for over 40 years.   In March of 2016, 81 year-old Beatrice passed away.   Later that year, which is a story we hear so frequently with elderly couples deeply in love with each other, Andrew passed away at the age of 84.

Andrew was a Korean War veteran, serving in the United States Air Force. The saloon looking frontage of the building that we’re all familiar hides a rustic ranch home at the back end of the building.

The Borbotko family has chosen to sell the home and selected Exit 98 Realty Realtor Irvin “Yitz” Pollack for the sale.    Pollack said one of the unique features of the property is that it can also double as a rental income business.  It is zoned neighborhood commercial with two storefronts the new owners can either utilize for their own business or lease to tenants.

In the rear, in the home area, there’s a two car garage and full basement with ample parking in the front and rear.

“It’s a great property for anyone looking for a house that also has income potential,” Pollack said about the listing.

During its time of operation, Andrew’s Beauty Shop and the Sportsman’s Shanty made for an odd business combination.  While many thought at first that the sporting goods store was Andrews and the Beauty salon Beatrice’s, it was in fact built as Andy’s Beauty Shop.

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Initially the Borbotko’s wanted to rent the second retail space out, but one year after being built, in 1975, the couple decided to open the Sportsman’s Shanty.    As time went on the Shanty became a hotspot for local hunters, fishermen and even paintball enthusiasts.

It was a traditional American mom and pop operation whose roots can be traced back to 1962 where the couple operated a beauty shop on Applegate Road.

What the future holds is unknown as the building is for sale, but Pollack said he hopes he can help the Borbotko family find new owners with an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to write the next chapter in the history of the iconic structure.

The property is listed for $495,000 which Pollack said is a very good price considering it’s a home with two retail storefronts attached, somewhat of an oddity in today’s real estate landscape. It’s located a short distance from the bustling intersection of Chandler Road and Jackson Mills Road which the locals refer to as “Five Corners”.

Nearby is the popular Solo Bela Restaurant, two pizzerias, including Giuseppe’s, a convenience store, liquor store and barber shop.

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