As Jackson Director Took Handicapped Spot, Township Officials Sought to Crackdown on Similar Incident Elsewhere


JACKSON-Last week, it was discovered that Jackson Township Director of Public Works Fred Rasiewicz had commandeered one of two handicapped parking spaces for his own personal use.

This week, through documents provided by the township, other township officials were seeking to punish a local senior living community for the same thing.

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In an email dated April 18th, Jackson Township Zoning Officer Jeffery Purpuro sought legal advice from township professionals over a proposal at the Four Seasons senior community.

“As both Four Seasons communities are essentially their own entity, if they are looking to to assign 8 of 12 handicapped parking stalls to residents only, can we get in the way?” Purpuro asked Patrick Jeffery, Vice President and Operations Manager of the politically appointed firm T&M Associates.

“I would check with the Township Attorney but I would believe this would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act which requires ADA complaint spaces for the public,” Jeffery said. “This act applies to both public and private facilities.”

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