Toms River Says Lawyer Playing Anti-Semitism Card to Bully Town into Overdevelopment

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TOMS RIVER-Toms River Republican Councilmembers responded angrily today to repeated accusations of anti-Semitism being espoused publicly, both directly and indirectly, by local pro-development attorney Harvey York.

The Republicans said that York is using accusations of anti-Semitism to bully the township into approving additional housing units that it cannot afford.

“Trying to chill legitimate debate about development decisions by labeling elected officials and residents as anti-Semitic if they voice opposition is offensive” said Councilwoman Maria Maruca.

“Mr. York needs to know that our local elected officials will not be bullied or intimidated into approving more development by him falsely accusing us of anti-Semitism. We want to curtail development because our town can’t afford it and our residents don’t want it,” said Council President Brian Kubiel. “Is Mr. York’s contention that every Toms River resident who wants to slow development is a racist? That’s a despicable attack against our residents and we won’t stand for it now or ever.”

“Mr. York’s conduct in furthering this ugly narrative is a poorly veiled attempt to secure favorable outcomes for his client’s projects- which mean more development, additional traffic and higher taxes,” said Councilman Mo Hill, “trying to label elected officials and residents as Anti-Semitic if they try to reduce density in Toms River is offensive.”

Toms River Republican Officials point to published newspaper accounts of Mr. York’s comments regarding a rezoning ordinance put forth at a recent Council Meeting, and remarks published in the Asbury Park Press as recently as May 9, 2018.…/toms-river-rezoned-land-bl…/593331002/

“The Taxpayers of Toms River will not be held hostage to reckless development interests and high-priced legal mercenaries to shame or intimidate our town into making planning decisions at odds with the interests of our taxpayers,” concluded Councilman George Wittmann.

-press release issued by TR GOP.