New Jersey USSSA Softball Power Ratings Leaders as of May 23, 2018

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Memorial Day marks the official start of travel softball in New Jersey for most teams and this weekend was a busy one across the state and beyond.   Here are the USSSA Power Rankings for New Jersey after week one.

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18U A
The Central Jersey Lightning lead the state in USSSA power ranking with a 10-1-1 overall record for tournament play this season.  They placed first in the 18u open Ice Cube Rumble, February Freeze and Snowball Express.  They come into the summer season with an 1129 power ranking.

2. NJ Sparks 1,119
3. NJ Breakers 1,030
4. Lady Brookers 851
5. Jersey Girls Black 851

16U A

Heading into the summer tournament season, the Rangers 16u team out of Allendale carry over a 504 power rating from the fall season to lead the 16u division statewide.

2. Finches Aces-Aspiazu 251
3. NJ Sparks Elite 148

14U A 

NJ Pride Dean out Bloomfield lead the 14u A division with 1187 points. This year, they took first place in the Thinkin About Autism Cure 8th annual tournament, SJ Gators Spring Breakout and USSSA Hits for the heart, compiling an 18-2 record so far in USSSA tournament play.

2. Kraze 14u 1,112
3. Intensity South 1,087
4. Jersey Assassins 1,033
5. SJ Mystics 14u Linquist 985

12U A

The Asbury Park Renegades 12u Gold team leads the pack with a 1,316 power rating with an 18-2 record this season.  They are entering the summer winning the 12u Banshee’s Bash and USSA Keep Calm and Play Softball spring tournaments.

2. SJ Mystics 12u Skelly 1028
3. NJ Mystics 991
4. SJ Mystics Hudec 12u 958
5. Morris County Belles JJ 917

18u B
1. Elmora Huskies 1119
2. Magic (Moorestown) 1034
3. NJ/LI Crush (1030
4. NJ Breakers 1001
5 SJ Warriors 963

16u B
1. Lady Wildcats 1149
2. Central Jersey Gold 1093
3. CJ Force Elite 1076
4. Black Diamonds 1073
5. Jackson Wildcats 1,066

14u B
1. Jersey Shore Huskies 2k4 1299
2. SJThunder 14u 1189
3. SJ Gators 14u 1168
4. Kaboom 144u 1126
5. NJ Bandits 1118

12u B
1. Lady Jags (Jackson) 1513
2. Bombers (Bordentown) 1219
3. Central Jersey A’s 05 White 1206
4. Renegades 12u Navy 1186
5. SJ Mayhem  1168