Toms River School Board Postpones Private Meeting, Possible Ethics Charges

TOMS RIVER-The Toms River school board, at the last minute on Tuesday postponed a private executive session meeting of the board of education.  The meeting, which was advertised as a public notice over the weekend was cancelled after reports were published by the Shore News Network and Toms River Patch.

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Insiders say the meeting revolves around a series of leaked documents and is connected to the infighting between Democrats and Republicans that has plagued Toms River’s Board of Education since the feuding began in the winter of 2016.

At the time the board hired a private investigator to look into the source of the leaks.

Earlier this month, the board prepared ethics charges against Republican Christopher Raimann.   Raimann and his attorney met with school board Stephan Leone.

It is not known whether or not the meeting with the school board attorney is related to the 2017 investigation.


Leone declined to discuss the matter and the Toms River Regional School District has remained equally silent.

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No new date has been set for the meeting.