Fights Break Out in Seaside Park After Social Media Post Brought Thousands to Borough for Beach Party

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SEASIDE PARK-A social media post for a beach party here caught officials off guard, especially after the situation took a violent turn on Saturday.   Thousands came out for “Beachnik 18”, sparked by a social media post inviting thousands to bring speakers and beach balls to the small borough.

The incident occurred on Saturday and was downplayed by local officials who said the situation remained under control, but videos emerging from the event tell a much different story.

A peaceful beach party went on all day as beachgoers from across New Jersey enjoyed the sand and surf here at the Jersey Shore.   Some who attended said those engaged in the fighting crashed the good times that were had during the day.

In an APP interview with Seaside Heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd, he described the situation on the ground as a mess with multiple fights breaking out.

The party continued without incident all day.

At dusk, things heated up and fights erupted.

Partygoers who enjoyed the day in the sun lashed out against those who chose to fight.

Police said several arrests were made, but the situation was eventually brought under control.