Micah Fowler Visits Brick BASE Camp

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Students and staff of the Brick Township Schools “BASE Camp” Extended School Year program had a special visitor today, Micah Fowler, star of ABC’s hit sitcom “Speechless.”

Micah and his mother Tammy visited to speak about Micah’s journey to stardom and to urge students not to let any challenge get in the way of their dreams. Micah, who has cerebral palsy, has been acting since the age of 5, getting his start in local theater, but soon after moved on to shows like “Blue’s Clues” and “Sesame Street,” and was even in the movie, “Labor Day” before landing the part of JJ DiMeo in “Speechless.”

Although both he and the character have cerebral palsy, Micah is able to speak whereas his character cannot and relies on a communication board and aide to verbalize his thoughts.

The students loved hearing how Micah often does his own stunts even though a stuntman is hired to do the dangerous scenes, and how the show has incorporated some of his own interests into episodes like his love of Star Wars and sled hockey.

He and his mother shared that a number of people who work on set and write for the show have disabilities. Thank you Micah for sharing your story with us and inspiring us to never let anything get in the way of our dreams.