Freehold Raceway Mall Now Charging for Parking Spots

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Photo by Joyce Ann, Jackson NJ Facebook Group.

FREEHOLD-Patrons to the Freehold Raceway Mall are upset over new premium parking fees that have customers walking past acres of open spots near the mall entrance.

The program announced in December caught some by surprise this summer as they headed to the mall for their shopping excursions.  Dubbed “Front and Center Parking by mall operators, the program has not been well received by shoppers.  Patrons took to Facebook to express their opinions.

“Here’s a crazy idea, why not do something to encourage people to shop at the mall?” asked Jackson resident Anna Tyler.

According to the company, Front & Center Parking at Freehold Raceway Mall is access to the best possible parking spaces for our best customers and helps alleviate parking congestion in high traffic areas.

Paid parking is available Saturdays and Sunday for $5 per vehicle for all day parking in a designated area of the parking lot between Macy’s and Nordstrom.

“With a lot of brick and mortar stores going out of business thanks to internet shopping with free shipping,” said Deborah Fostek.  “They want people to shop but really add money just to park. Stupid in my opinion.”

“Amazon has plenty of parking,” said Chris Tallarico. “Next the mall will be in a vacuum and you will have to pay for air!”

“Stores are losing business to online shopping and they are going to charge for parking in certain places. You’d think they’d do something to entice patrons to come shop. Think they have their marketing strategy ass backwards.

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