VIDEO: Police Searching for Man Who Made Fraudulent Credit Card Purchase


On 07/17/2018 at approximately 3:00 pm Officers responded to a reported theft of a pocketbook at Shop Rite, 668 Route 70. The pocketbook was removed from the victims shopping cart while shopping near the produce section.

The victim was advised shortly after the theft by her credit card company of possible fraudulent charges at area stores that were being attempted. One of these charges for $462.36 was completed at Target store located at 570 Route 70.

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Officers responded to Target to obtain video surveillance. The suspect is described as a white male with a goatee wearing a black hat, white long sleeve shirt with two buttons by the neck, gray sweat pants, and black and white sneakers. He arrived and left the scene in a waiting white sport utility vehicle operated by another subject.

Please see the attached picture and video of the suspect and contact Detective Waleski if you can identify this suspect. Contact (732)262-1170 or (732)262-1100.