Citing Deplorable Conditions, Phil Murphy’s Pro Women’s Soccer Team Runs Like a Sweat Shop


Fans and former players of the Sky Blue FC women’s professional soccer team wants their majority owner out of the picture, citing horrendous and deplorable living and working conditions.

The team is owned by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

“If Gov. Phil Murphy runs the state’s government the way he runs his women’s professional soccer team, we’re all in deep trouble,” wrote Star Ledger writer Steve Politi.

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According to reports in the Equalizer and Once A Metro, players lived in a hose with plastic bags for windows.

“I really don’t see how you could turn that club around at this point, unless it was bought out by somebody else,” Caroline Stanley a former player said.

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Several reports this week have empowered the ill-treated women to go public with their story.

Another former player, Sam Kerr spoke about the team’s deplorable living conditions.

“It just sucks that that’s the way it had to be. I’m just going to say the girls deserve better and I’m just going to leave it at that,” she said. “These girls are great girls. They give everything of themselves for this club and this league and they just deserve better.”

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Only after deplorable conditions were made public, Murphy issued a statement.

“I don’t find the status quo tolerable — and these players deserve better,” Murphy said.
“They deserve to operate in a professional and supportive environment so they can do what they do best. play the game, inspire fans, and build community through the power of the world’s most popular sport.”