Toms River Mayor Blames State Democrats for School Funding Crisis

TRENTON, NJ - APRIL 5, 2018: New Jersey state capitol building in Trenton

TOMS RIVER-Toms River Mayor Thomas Kelaher, a Republican, this week squarely put the blame of the township’s school funding crisis on the shoulders of state Democrats.

“On July 10, 2018, the Toms River Governing Body unanimously passed a resolution condemning the school aid cuts,” Kelaher said. “The resolution urged passage of legislation introduced by state Senator James Holzapfel, Assemblymen Gregory McGuckin and David Wolfe, that would protect towns impacted by Superstorm Sandy from facing large cuts in school aid.”

Kelaher pointed out that the township has no authority or jurisdiction over the school budget and finances, which is handled by the Democrat led school board, an independently elected body.

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The New Jersey Democratic political machine, working locally as “The Clean Slate Team” has been the driving force behind the ouster of Republicans and independents on the school board over the past six years, taking advantage of public anger in the wake of the Michael Ritacco scandal.

“We hope you understand that the Toms River Governing Body has absolutely no control over the legislation that is responsible for these cuts,” he said. “The State Legislature and Governor Murphy are solely responsible for this action.”


Now, school board Democrats are at odds with their political allies in Trenton over the school funding cuts signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy.

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“I urge every resident and family to contact Governor Murphy and State Senate President Steve Sweeney so that they will understand the negative impact these cuts will have on the Toms River Regional School District,” Kelaher added. “Thank you for your commitment to the students and faculty of the Toms River Regional School District so that they may continue to receive the quality education that each and every child deserves.”

Governor Murphy is expected to be in Brick Township’s Greebriar I community on Friday.