Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, Restaurants Close with Note on Door


HOWELL-Ruby Tuesday, a restaurant chain abruptly closed its doors at some more restaurants on Monday, giving employees no advanced notice.

Employees in Howell and some other stores arrived for work on Monday to a sign on the door.

“This Ruby Tuesday location is closed,” the sign read. “We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you and look forward to serving you in one of our other restaurants soon.”

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“If you have questions, please visit us at and choose the contact us option,” the sign continued.

Last week the company participated in the “No Kid Hungry” fundraiser for families in need across America.


It’s absolutely sickening that you closed down your Harford County, MD store and left them a note saying that the store is closed forever,” replied Dee Brown. “You left so many people without jobs. No kid hungry? What about my siblings who are in middle school they are kids.”

“How about the employees of the Howell restaurant that you laid off by leaving a notice on the store and not telling them that they lost their jobs? What if they’re hungry? Shame on you for not telling employees first Ruby Tuesday,” said Laura Michelle.

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You closed up my neighborhood ruby tuesday in gilbert, AZ,” said Heather Jones.

No statement was provided by the company.  As of Monday, nearby stores in Brick and Toms River remained open.

The shutdown this week, follows 10 years of shutdowns which included over 400 restaurants.  The chain still operates 544 locations nationwide.  At one point, in 2007, the chain operated 945 restaurants.

CEO Ray Blanchette announced earlier this year that restaurants not operating in the black will be closed.

In recent months, approximately 15 other locations were closed.

Photo: Ruby Tuesday.



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