A Day in the Life of a Mainstream Media Press Pooler Following President Trump 9/3/18

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA-Have you ever wondered why the media is so against the President and how they communicate mundane and irrelevant news about him?  Here’s a complete day of absolute nothingness as reported by the mainstream media press pool.

It all starts in the press pool, each morning.  Reporters from the mainstream media are often packed like sardines into a van that shadows the President’s every move.  Not all media outlets are invited to follow the President’s every waking hour, but each day members of the press corps are chosen for the job and to relay the message to the media at-large.

On Sunday, Sally Pearsons of “Real Clear Politics” was up to bat for the press pool.  We chose this press pool because RCP is a somewhat middle of the light, right leaning news outlet.

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10:07 am – Good morning — pool was called to gather. We’re currently in the vans at the WH awaiting departure to TBD location. A Virginia State Police car was spotted.

10:26 am – Motorcade departed the WH at 10:26am. POTUS was briefly spotted wearing a white polo and hat.

11:04 am – The president’s motorcade arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia at 11:02am.

11:10 am – The ride was uneventful with a few people waving along the way. Pool is headed to the usual holding spot

2:38 pm (Four hours laster) – Pool is awaiting the president’s departure from Trump National Golf Club. A few protesters were seen holding signs including one reading “Putin’s Puppet.” Your pooler will try to send a photo.

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3:32 pm – The president’s motorcade left Trump National Golf Club at 3:32pm.

3:34 pm About a dozen protestors set up a series of signs along the sidewalk outside the club including “Resign” and “Liar.” The Trump baby balloons were also out. They shouted “resign” as the motorcade passed.

3:36 pm Here are a couple photos taken from inside the van (so apologies for the poor quality). The blue and white sign in the second photo says “Putin’s Apprentice” with the hammer and sickle symbol of the former Soviet Union replacing the “u” in Putin.

4:14 pm Pool arrived back at the White House at 4:09pm after an uneventful ride. No sighting of the president.

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4:21 pm We have a lid everyone. Enjoy!

Since taking office, Shore News Network has been on the Trump press pool email list, something the Obama Administration rejected several times.

Each day is full of mundane nothingness from reporters hoping to see a protester, a presidential gaffe or a way to make the President look bad.  Rarely does the press pooler report any actual news.