Fluorescent Light Bulb Source of 9-1-1 Fire Call

POINT PLEASANT-Firefighters in Point Pleasant arrive to fire call to find source of smoke was fluorescent light bulb.

“Crews just returned from a call for an Odor Investigation of something burning within a residence. After a brief investigation into the origin of the odor, a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (aka a CFL or spiral-type bulb) was located in a lamp fixture emanating smoke,” the fire department said. “The base of the bulb was in excess of 250 degrees. The light was installed as per the manufacturer specifications.”

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Homeowners are urged to check the products they buy and ensure they are legitimately made and UL Listed and also check for recalls. This can all be checked through a simple internet search. A photo of the bulb failure is attached here. If you have a product which fails, and there are no recalls or warnings, you can file a report though the Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov).