Josh Welle to Host Meet and Greet with Howell “Racists”

HOWELL TOWNSHIP-Josh Welle, a candidate for New Jersey’s fourth congressional district is once again entering a town which he considers racist, this time Howell Township.

Last month, Welle visited Jackson Township, one of four towns he labeled as racist and discriminatory strongholds in the fourth district.  Other towns cited were Millstone and Allentown.

The progressive Democrat is on a mission to combat the “racists” in the fourth congressional district of New Jersey.   Those racists he says are the of residents Jackson and Howell Townships.  On Sunday, he is coming to confront those he has called out in a public town hall meeting.

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Welle had left no context as to why he singled out residents of four Central Jersey towns as racists after many attempts by SNN to allow him to clarify his comments.

“I want to move this district forward,” Welle said. “I want to fight against racism and discrimination in this district.”

Wells continued.


“But as you go to Howell and Jackson and Allentown and Millstone, and people who voted for Chris Smith for 37 years,” he said. “They’re not there yet.”   In July, Welle hosted a meet and greet in Jackson at the home of Paul Sarti, who is now running for council in Jackson Township.

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On Tuesday, Welle held a meet in greet in Jackson Township.

According to the campaign, Sunday’s meet and greet will be held at a private home in Howell, but is open to the public.

What: Welle for Congress Meet-&-Greet hosted by Joan Osborne

When: Sunday, September 8th, 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Where: 28 Bronia Street, Howell, NJ

Link to RSVP:

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