Top 10 Spartacus Moments Since Cory Booker’s Spartacus Moment


WASHINGTON, DC-Earlier this week, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D) declared he was having a “Spartacus Moment” during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing for the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court.

While Booker’s Spartacus moment fizzled after the revelation that his “classified document leak” was indeed not a “classified document leak”, there have been some great “Spartacus Moments” in the days since.

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Here are this week’s top 10 “Spartacus Moments”

Marco Rubio Troll Cory Booker’s Spartacus Moment

Marco Rubio showed that he has the right stuff when it comes to D.C. trolling.   Rubio satirized Booker’s Spartacus moment with a revisionist history of the real life Spartacus.

GOP Openly Mocks Booker’s Spartacus claim


Did Somebody Say Spartacus? – Donald Trump “He’s not Kirk Douglas”

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PJ Media’s Spartacus Moment

PJ Media declared Booker is Spartacus without the Spartacus.

Chicago Tribune – I am T-Bone

Chet Cannon – I am Spartacus….or something.

Spartacus Needs TP for his Bunghole

I am NotthatSmarticus – Make NJ Red Again

Posted by NJ Political Insider on Friday, September 7, 2018

“I am Spartacus” Blows up on “Know Your Meme”

“I am Spartacus” hasn’t had any great meme moments until this week, but thanks to Booker, it’s a top meme on the internet. It’s now at record highs since first popping up in 2004 on Know Your Meme.

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Image Flip just got a whole lot of activity on “Cory Booker”