Ocean County Democrats Want Toms River Club President Ousted for Bipartisan Endorsement

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TOMS RIVER-The Ocean County Democratic Club wants Toms River Democratic Club President Teddy Price out.  That was the general message on a Facebook post made by the county club after Price decided to not block embattled New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez.

The Ocean County Club has deemed Price’s endorsement of Republican Bob Hugin, a former U.S. Marine as a “hostile action” against the Democratic Party.

“As you may have heard, Teddy Price, former president of the Toms River Democratic Club and Democratic Freeholder candidate, has taken several actions hostile to our Democratic Party,” the O.C. Democrats said.  “Most seriously, he has attempted to hinder the critical goal of a Democratic Majority in the United States Senate by endorsing Bob Hugin and has joined with now Republican Dan Rodrick, who has pledged to work for the re-election of Donald Trump. Price refuses to withdraw his candidacy as the Democratic Nominee for Freeholder, so we are asking for your help.”

The Ocean County Democrats called for their followers to blast Price’s personal Facebook account to persuade him to remove himself from the ballot which he is running for Freeholder as  Democrat against the Ocean County GOP slate.

“Please reach out to Theodore Price to request that he withdraw his candidacy so we can replace him with a real Democrat,” the club said. “The deadline for Price to remove himself from the ticket is September 12th, so there isn’t much time left. You can post on his Facebook page [page removed for privacy].”