Toms River Democrats Fear North Jersey Meddling Has Ruined their Chance to Take Over Town in 2019

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TOMS RIVER-The epic saga unfolding within the Ocean County Democratic base in Ocean County is heating up daily as Democrats continue to turn on each other.

After winning 3 out of 7 seats in the 2017 election, some Democrats fear meddling by the North Jersey Democratic powerbase has ruined their chances of a complete takeover next November.

Now in question, according to a letter sent by former Toms River Democratic Club President Teddy Price are donations made by the Ocean County Democratic Chairman Wyatt Earp.

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In that email Price uncovered a plot where county and state Democrats funded a Republican for office in Toms River.

“They knew full well it would divide us and destroy all that was built in Toms River,” Price said to the Ocean County Democrats. “But they went forward with it anyway and destroyed any chance we had in 2019.”

Price, in another letter, said he was concerned about the vast flow of money infiltrating from North Jersey, including a now contested $10,000 campaign contribution from Monmouth County Senator Vin Gopal.

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Photo: Gavvin Rozzi/Ocean County Politics

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