Hugin Unleashes Salvo on “Corrupt” Bob Menendez, Launches Political Corruption Tracking Website


NEW JERSEY-Retired U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer Bob Hugin, a Republican hoping to remove Robert Menendez from the Senate in November has unleashed a “fire for effect” salvo today directed at the embattled sitting U.S. Senator.

“Senator Bob Menendez is an embarrassment to New Jersey,” Hugin fired. “New Jerseyans are sick and tired of Bad Bob’s corruption and abuse of power. Let’s send Bob Menendez packing. See Bad Bob’s disgraceful record and why he is unfit to represent New Jersey.”

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Hugin announced the launch of a new website his campaign team created that includes a detailed timeline of Senator Menendez’s reign of corruption while serving as a senator.

You can visit the website here.