Cory Booker Defends His 1992 Sexual Assault Encounter as Learning Moment

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Cory Booker is not Spartacus…Don Quixote, Perhaps.

WASHINGTON, D.C.– By his own admission, in 1992, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker engaged in a sexual assault against a drunken teenager on New Years Eve.  Now, the Senator is declaring a Stanford Daily newspaper article he wrote himself as a right wing attack.

UPDATE: FACT CHECK – Booker’s Account of His Own Sexual Assault Has More Holes Than Christine Ford’s Claim.

On Tuesday, Shore News Network republished that article written by Booker and since, it has become a viral news story on the national stage.

In the piece, entitled, “So Much for Stealing Second Base”, Booker describes his own high energy quest for sexual encounters with the opposite sex, regardless of whether or not the young girls he claims to have desired were interested in reciprocating.

In his own memoir on the subject of sexual assault, Booker said, “Sexual relations were best achieved through luck, guile, strategy or coercion.”

He made Donald Trump’s “p&ssy grabbing” and “locker room talk” seem like mere child’s play.

“I’ve got to find a way to snatch that snatch,” Booker wrote. “The best thing for that girl would be to be tied down and screwed.”

Then as a junior in college, years six years later, Booker realized his debauchery of the opposite sex was wrong.  He used a 1984 encounter where he took advantage of a 15 year old drunk girl at a New Year’s Eve party as his case study.

“New Year’s Eve 1984 I will never forget. I was 15. As the ball dropped, I leaned over to hug a friend and she met me instead with an overwhelming kiss,” Booker recounted. “As we fumbled upon the bed, I remember debating my next move as if it were a chess game. With the Top Gun slogan ringing in my head, I slowly reached for her breast. After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my mark.”

The article reads like a passage from Fifty Shades of Grey…or shall I say, Fifty Shades of Blue?

After his attempt to grope the young girl’s breast was denied, Booker’s persistence and coercion allowed him to reach the “Danger Zone”, he admits.

“You see, the next week in school she told me that she was drunk that night and didn’t really know what she was doing,” Booker said, which ended any notion that he would ever “Snatch that snatch” in future encounters with the young girl.

But he goes on to say that for the next six years, he lived by those sexual cliches that defined him as a man in western society.

“With liquor you’ll get to bed quicker.”

Now, Booker is leading the charge in his new role as Spartacus in the United States Senate, haunting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over an alleged incident that bears similar resemblance to Booker’s own sexual encounter back in 1984.

Except that Booker fully admitted fondling the breasts of the 15 year drunk old girl and Kavanaugh flat out denies the incident ever happened.

In the eyes of progressive liberalism, Booker’s own sexual assault was not a sexual assault, but part of learning moment that came six years later after a long history of being “that guy”, again, by his own admission.

“Sex was a game, a competition,” Booker wrote. “Sexual relations were best achieved through luck, guile, strategy or coercion.”

Coercion, the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats, was just part of the strategy in Booker’s sexual game as a high school student and through his university years.   A game he played with young girls, daughters, sisters all to the theme song from Top Gun.

With his engines revvin’ and spreading out her wings, Booker was seeking his own ride into the danger zone…even though the flight controller had already announced the runway was closed.

Booker’s account of how he treated women during his early years is disgusting and vulgar.  It’s on par with President Donald Trump’s own “locker room talk”, except that for Trump, it was just talk.

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Booker went on to say that he used his own debauchery to redefine him as a young man, just as a career con suddenly finds Jesus and life is better…the scars he left on his female victims along the way are now inconsequential.

It was a learning moment, an opportunity to educate others, for what was at the time for young Cory Booker, an admission of a lifelong habit of mistreating the opposite sex since the moment he hit puberty.  A game, where the only thing that mattered was crossing the plate.

It’s noble that Booker used his own misdoings as a teachable exercise, but the bottom line is, his behavior was disgusting and wrong.   Just as ex-cons use scared straight type methods to educate a younger audiences, but it should never excuse the crimes they have already committed.

Booker should immediately recuse himself from the Senate judiciary hearings related to the alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh because it’s bathed in his own stew of progressive and liberal hypocrisy.

After we reprinted Booker’s memoir on Tuesday, he lashed out at Shore News Network and other media outlets who are not intravenously ingesting the mainstream media’s progressive liberal Kool-Aid.

“This [is a] disingenuous right-wing attack, which has circulated online and in partisan outlets,” whined Spartacus, through his spokesperson. “The column is in fact a direct criticism of a culture that encourages young men to take advantage of women — written at a time when so candidly discussing these issues was rare.”

Alas, maybe his first real Spartacus moment, daring to talk openly about his mistreatment of women, specifically intoxicated teenagers.   Maybe we can call him Don Quixote instead of Spartacus.

Yes, the 80’s were quite a time, but most men managed to live through it in decency, never once taking advantage of a member of the opposite sex, as did millions of other young men who came of age during that period, probably the majority of us.    Many, fortunately had a solid foundation under them that taught them to treat members of the opposite sex with respect and dignity.

But in the end, is it human nature in men to have those thoughts?  Yes.  Some are stronger than others to repress their primal instincts in order to be the ideal members of a civilized society. Others eventually outgrow it once their hormones settle down.

For Booker, it took a while.  Had he not counseled rape victims and saw the other side of the story, maybe he would still be engaged in primal regression when it came to encounters with the opposite sex.

So the question now becomes what do we do now, 30 years later, about the young men out there, like young Cory Booker who’s mission in life was “Snatching that snatch”.

Do we hold their nearly uncontrollable childhood hormones against them for the rest of their lives?  Do we continue to crucify them, holding only those who did not repent in their college newspapers accountable?

As for Booker, we know one thing. His concern for Dr. Ford is only in front of him because her own alleged incident can benefit him politically.  Had Dr. Ford been some woman living in Newark’s Ironbound section came to the Senator for justice in a 30 year old case against a person of no significance, would Booker give that woman the same attention?   That answer would be a solid “no”.

In closing, Booker should announce today that he is withdrawing himself from the discussion against Judge Kavanaugh as it pertains to Dr. Ford because if it is a true allegation, Booker’s admitted sexual assault of a drunken teenager in 1984 is far more egregious than the accusation he is currently fielding against Kavanaugh.

Anything less would a be judged an error on Booker for allowing another unearned run to slide across home plate against women’s rights.