Top Ten Legitimate Songs Cory Booker Could Have Hummed While he Sexually Assaulted Girl on New Year’s Eve

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NEWARK-It was New Years Eve, 1984…or 1986, going into 1987…at this point, nobody is really quite sure.

It was a cold night, most likely, and U.S. Senator Cory Booker was a young stud of just 15…or maybe 17, when he admitted to groping a young, drunken 15 year old girl at a party.

Booker claims to have been singing the “Slogan” from Top Gun in his head as he reached for the young girl’s breast, hoping to ride the highway into the danger zone.

There’s just one problem.  He claims it happened on New Years Eve in 1984, but Top Gun wasn’t released until 1986.

So here’s a few earworms that could have been playing in his head during his account of that 1984 sexual assault:

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Like a Virgin

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Hold Me Now

What’s Love Got to do with it?

Cool it Now

I Feel For You

Out of Touch

Dancing in the Dark

Self Control

Almost Paradise