Scott Martin: Legalizing Marijuana in New Jersey to Fund Illegal Immigration is a Bad Idea


by Scott Martin,
Councilman, Jackson Twp.

Governor Murphy’s recent moves to legalize marijuana & provide additional financial assistance to undocumented immigrants is a slap in the face of New Jersey residents who are still outraged from an increase in taxes and severe reductions in school aid after school board budgets were passed. Jackson Students lost over 1.3 Million Dollars.

Let me be clear I fully support legalizing marijuana for medical use. It is clear it is beneficial to those who are afflicted with cancer and other chronic medical conditions.
As parents we fight every day trying to keep alcohol and drugs away from our children and now the Governor wants to make it easier for everyone to purchase marijuana and he cites the increase in revenue as his primary reason. As a Councilman and more importantly as a parent I am sickened by this. To legalize marijuana for everyone so the Governor can turn around and use the revenue it generates for undocumented immigrants is wrong.

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People who use marijuana often experience Anxiety, paranoia, Loss of coordination & inhibitions. Using marijuana on a regular basis can lead to an Increased risk of respiratory diseases associated with smoking, including cancer. Teens who smoke marijuana often see a decrease in memory and learning abilities and a decrease in motivation in areas such as study, work or concentration. (Partnership for a Drug-Free NJ).

Citing an increase in revenue as a reason to legalize marijuana and then establishing policies which provide college financial aid to undocumented immigrants to the tune of $425 Million is wrong. Establishing a legal defense fund ($2.1 Million) for undocumented immigrants facing deportation is similarly wrong. The Governor has also declared we will be a sanctuary state. There’s no telling what this will cost you the Jackson Residents and all of New Jersey.

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In establishing these policies now the Governor is hoping we will forget this come next year’s election when the NJ Legislature is up. All New Jersey residents need to come together in 2019 and send the Governor and anyone who supports these outrageous policies and vote them out of office, so a new legislature can reverse these polices which are bad for all of New Jersey.

Councilman Scott Martin, a Republican is running for re-election this November.

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