NJ Dems: Menendez is Champion of Sexual Assault Survivors


TRENTON-New Jersey Democrats are trying to capitalize on the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, using it as a battle cry for the party to raise more money, in an effort to save the flailing campaign of disgraced Senator Robert Menendez.

Democratic Party Executive Liz Gilbert sent a letter to supporters, calling for action.

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“Watching the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was devastating, heartbreaking, and proved why, on top of all of the lying, Brett Kavanaugh should be denied a Supreme Court seat,”  Gilbert said. “Here in our state, which 1.8 million survivors of sexual violence call home, we need a senator who believes survivors — Bob Menendez is that champion.”

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Last year, Menendez was accused by federal prosecutors of traveling to the Dominican Republic, courtesy of convicted criminal Salomon Melgen to have sex with underaged prostitutes.   This claim was reported in the New York Times, and New York Post.

The federal prosecutors claimed they had credible evidence to suggest the claims were valid, but the Menendez corruption trial eventually ended in a hung jury.

Here are three reasons why Democrats are not REALLY the champions of sexual assault victims in New Jersey…

Online predator concept with faceless hooded male person, low key red and blue lit image and digital glitch effect

Blue Bail Law Sets 23 Child Sexual Predators Free in New Jersey

Democrats claim to be the saviors of those who commit sexual assault here in New Jersey, but just last week, 23 child sexual predators were set free in Ocean County under bail reform laws championed by New Jersey Democrats.

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Spartacus Once Assaulted a Drunken Teenage Girl in High School

Just last week, New Jersey’s other U.S. senator, Cory Booker, admitted to a life of using women as a prize in a game of sexual desire, whether they wanted it or not, throughout his high school and early college years.

Guess Who’s Back?

In an effort to bolster the campaign coffers, Democrats also announced this week, Hillary Clinton will be joining the Menendez campaign to help the embattled senator raise more money in his fight against former U.S. Marine Bob Hugin.



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