83 Year Old Senator Reveals 70 Year Old Sexual Assault


TRENTON-New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg, 83, revealed this week tha she too was sexually assaulted as a child and never told anyone her story.

Weinberg made the accusation against a man named Ben Laverty.

“I am 83 years old and I still remember the EXACT moment and EXACTLY where I was at age 13 when I was first horribly groped and forcibly kissed by a middle aged man who had been welcome visitor in my home,” Weinberg recalled. “And no I never told anyone till now. His name was Ben Laverty. And no I am not confused. And yes that was a long time ago.”

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Weinberg’s accusation against Laverty is the latest in a stream of confessions being made by Democratic politicians since Dr. Christine Ford raised allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

On Thursday, Washington Senator Candace Faber alleged that state Sen. Joe Fain sexually assaulted her at Georgetown University in 2007.