Welle’s Company Owes $130K In Delinquent Taxes

Josh Welle thanked Sen Menendez for his mentorship during the Dem Convention in Atlantic City last month

The technology company that Josh Welle co-founded in 2015 still exists and it owes $130,424.14 in delinquent taxes to the State of Delaware, according to public records obtained on Monday by MMM.

Welle is the Democrat nominee for congress in New Jersey’s 4th district.

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The candidate reported that his company, Severn Pacific Inc., was dissolved in his Financial Disclosure Statement filed with the Clerk House of Representatives on March 11, 2018, the day after MMM reported that he was delinquent in filing that report. His FDS says he was the CEO of the company.

During a candidates’ forum in February, while he was competing for the Democrat nomination for Congress in CD-4, Welle told the Democrat activists present that his company was dissolved and that no one owns it.


The questioner at the forum asked Welle about the status of his company, Crossdeck. Crossdeck, along with MilitaryMobile, are trade names of Severn Pacific Inc. registered in Washington, DC.

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Welle could have more than political and financial problems as a result of his inaccurate Financial Disclosure Report. In addition to a fine of almost $58,000 for each inaccurate report, knowingly falsifying a Financial Disclosure Report in punishable by up to one year in prison, according to the House Ethics Committee’s Guidelines.

Welle hung up on MMM when we called him in March about his missing Financial Disclosure Report.  He ran and hid when he saw MMM approaching after his bogus town hall meeting in Jackson on August 2. We didn’t call him for this story, but if he provides an explanation, we’ll be sure to print it.

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