8 Reasons Why Cory Booker is Not Spartacus

ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE-Spartacus. He died thousands of years ago but his name echoes in the halls of global socialism and communism in the same vein as Che Guevara.   Spartacus has long been an iconic hero for communists and socialists worldwide.  Karl Marx, heralded Spartacus and he became communist legend.   That’s why in 1960, the American Legion feared that the movie Spartacus was a sign that Hollywood,  “seemed to be falling under the influence of “Soviet indoctrinated artists.”

When New Jersey Senator Cory Booker declared himself to have had a “Spartacus Moment”, he wasn’t referring to the movie, he was drawing upon his deep seeded progressive, socialist and liberal values.   He was not projecting himself onto a pedestal of the real-life Spartacus, but to position himself as the next Spartacus of the socialist revolution.  Perhaps he thought one day people would be wearing t-shirts bearing his name as they marched upon the halls of the Republic to protest for a socialist revolution.

Booker’s “Spartacus Moment” was not an off-the-cuff statement made in the heat of the moment.   It was a calculated move which backfired miserably on Booker.  Instead of being a rally cry for the revolution, Spartacus has become a mockery of the revolution.

Even if Booker was comparing himself to the real-life Spartacus who was not a communist or socialist, here are eight reasons why Cory Booker is not Spartacus.

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Spartacus was trained in a gladiator school in ancient Rome.

Spartacus was enslaved and was trained as a gladiator. He was well versed in close combat and proficient in weaponry and military tactics.

Cory Booker attended Stanford University and Yale.

Cory Booker was raised in Newark and attended the ultra-liberal Stanford University in California where he adopted his liberal and socialist agenda. It is at Stanford where he once penned stories in the Stanford University newspaper and complained about social injustices, including his own when he once fondled a drunken teenager’s breasts against her will.

Spartacus was a real-life warrior who fought with honor, bravery, and valor.

Spartacus was captured and enslaved by a conquering Roman Empire and forced to become a Gladiator. He escaped his captives, led a revolt among slaves and killed many of his oppressors.

Cory Booker never served in the military.

Cory Booker attended Stanford University and became a lawyer, spending most of his adult life either in a University classroom or working on the government payroll.   Booker never served his country in the U.S. military.  He fights his battles with rhetoric and the twisting of words.

Spartacus was taken captive and enslaved.

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Spartacus was a slave.  A real, living slave who freed himself and others.

Cory Booker attended Yale

Cory Booker grew up on the streets of Newark and through privilege other inner-city young men and women don’t often have access to was able to go to California to Stanford and study law later on at Yale.  He returned home from his journey to become mayor before once again leaving his city enslaved by crime to become a U.S. Senator.  The  FBI rated Newark as the sixth most dangerous city in America.

Spartacus fought his battles with a sword and spilled his blood on a battlefield.

Spartacus was a brave warrior and shrewd tactician who became a known figure by brutally defeating his oppressive foes.

Cory Booker fights his battles and uses Twitter and television cameras.

Cory Booker is a master of strategic battles of words and interpretation of laws.  Often, Booker uses the United States Constitution as a weapon against America and utilizing the ever-so-accommodating left wing media to corner his opponents in uncomfortable, but usually fabricated positions before going for the kill on the battlefield of public perception.

Spartacus, when surrounded, once climbed down the side of a volcano and killed all of his Roman enemies as they slept.

While surrounded on a volcano by his opponents, Spartacus and his forces slid down the side of a volcano and stealthfully destroyed his enemies in a nearby encampment.

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Cory Booker, when surrounded by opponents runs to the nearest television camera or reporter.

Cory Booker is a political showman.  When confronted by opponents he often sits silently during the engagement, cowardly running to the nearest television cameraman and reporter after fleeing a battle he is about to lose.  Often he runs behind such figures as Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris.

Spartacus was a seasoned and successful military tactician.

Spartacus fought his way to freedom using military strategy to deceive and defeat his overwhelming opposition.

Cory Booker uses Twitter.

And Facebook.

Spartacus fought to free his comrades from slavery.

Spartacus sparked a rebellion that led to the freedom of many slaves in Ancient Rome.

Cory Booker fights for liberal socialism.

Cory Booker works hard to revolutionize the United States and to push the country to the left.



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