Menendez Slams FBI for “Bullsh*t Investigation”

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez has criticized the FBI this week, calling the agency’s weeklong investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh, “Bullsh*t”.   It wasn’t the first time Menendez felt that way about federal authorities conducting an investigation.

Menendez also objected last year when federal authorities were investigating his political corruption and improper relationship with convicted millionaire Salomon Melgen.   Authorities raised allegations that while in the Dominican Republic, Menendez was having sex with underage hookers and visiting dens of prostitution.

After complaints by the Menendez defense team, the judge ruled that the New Jersey Senator’s child prostitution allegations were not relevant to the corruption trial and barred any testimony on the topic during the trial.

Federal prosecutors at the time said they had sufficient evidence, but were denied the chance to present that evidence.

Menendez eventually got off.

His trial ended in a hung jury that was neither able to convict or acquit the now disgraced senator.

Many residents in New Jersey now feel Menendez and his campaign for re-election to the Senate is “bullsh*T” as he is now running in a dead even race with former U.S. Marine Bob Hugin.

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