El Presidente Cory Booker Unveils Plan to Split America Based on Sexual Orientation if he Becomes President

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DES MOINES, IOWA-Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker gave a speech on women’s rights as it relates to “flipping” the house and senate this year in Iowa over the weekend in his first stop along his 2020 Presidential campaign tour.   Booker has made it clear, sexual orientation will be at the forefront of his 2020 campaign platform.

While his predecessor, Barrack Obama used a racial divide to split Americans and cause a social divide, Booker will be using sexual orientation to spark a new divide.

Booker, who now stands up for the rights of women, has been ignoring a confession he wrote while at Stanford University where he admitted to sexually assaulting a drunken teenage girl at a New Year’s Eve Party sometime during the 1980’s.

As a good Democrat, Booker continues to ignore his own past deviant behavior towards women, which he readily admitted in the Stanford University newspaper.