Democrat Operative Robyn Gedrich Ready to Settle Bogus Fake News Lawsuit for $1


Ocean County Now Has A Christine Ford style scandal going on…

BRICK-She posted on Facebook.  She celebrated the start of a new job with the Brick Township municipal government, but when a blog site reported her announcement, she sued.  Now, just a couple of days later, Democrat political operative Robyn Gedrich is ready to settle the lawsuit for a dollar.   That lawsuit alleges a Toms River councilman is behind a blog posting reporting her announcement, but the councilman said Gedrich…has the wrong guy.


Gedrich, a politically appointed commissioner for the Brick Housing Authority and the vice chairwoman of the Brick Democratic Club is suing former Democrat and Toms River Councilman Daniel Rodrick over what she claims is “Fake News”.   Gedrich served Councilman Rodrick with court papers while he was involved in an official township council meeting.  She also had the encounter recorded in an effort to shame Rodrick.  That video was immediately posted to Youtube and sent to the media with her press releases on the lawsuit.

She claims Rodrick is the operator of a political blog site, the Ocean County Chronicle.   Rodrick said that claim is absolutely false.

Gedrich never had a job with the township, but she lied on Facebook, claiming she does.  Brick Mayor John Ducey confirmed that her posting on Facebook celebrating her new job with the township was a lie.   Gedrich is not employed by the township, Ducey said.

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This weekend NJ101.5 reported that Gedrich is ready to settle with Rodrick in light of conflicting reports about her claim.

The story, according to many now appears to be the case of entrapment, just as Gedrich used the social media “meat market” dating app in 2016 to lure men into her trap to push Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda on them.   One Democrat political insider who wished to remain anonymous claimed Gedrich’s lawsuit was simply an effort to shut down a political blog that is damaging to her party after it leaked information about political infighting within the Ocean County Democrat organization.   He also said it was sent as a warning shot to Rodrick who recently defected from the progressive socialist hardline camp that took over the Ocean County Democrat establishment this past summer.

Gedrich doesn’t have a job with Brick Township, but she was appointed to the Brick Township Housing Authority after successfully campaigning for Mayor John Ducey in his last election.  Nowadays, Gedrich is peddling congressional candidate Josh Welle.

But how does Gedrich know Rodrick operates the politically charged “Ocean County Chronicle” website?  She claims a friend of a friend told her.   That friend is John Salonis, another seasoned New Jersey political operative who used to manage fake news websites of his own before actually being hired by Ducey for public relations.   Unable to keep Salonis on his payroll because of his involvement in Democrat media subversion he ended his employment with Ducey and Brick Township. Salonis was eventually whisked away to a another politically appointed job in Carteret where he now serves as the borough’s media spokesperson.

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In the lawsuit, Gedrich does not say exactly who Salonis told…or who told her, but she claims Salonis was the source of the information she used to file a lawsuit.

There’s just one problem.  Salonis also said Gedrich lied.

“I did NOT speak to any coworker or anyone at all about Mr. Rodrick owning any website and the lawsuit is completely frivolous,” Salonis, a fellow Democrat operative said to the Brick Shorebeat.

None of Gedrich’s accusations against Rodrick are making sense.  Rodrick said at this point, he will not countersue Gedrich for false allegations, but it could be an option in the future.

“I’m not a litigious person,” Rodrick said, but added that he has not completely ruled it out yet.

Gedrich is no stranger to political intrigue and fake news.   In the 2016 Democrat presidential primary, it was reported that Gedrick used the dating website Tinder to convince men to vote for Bernie Sanders, according to many media reports at the time.

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Men who were using Tinder were sometimes shocked that the woman on the other side of the dating website was, in fact, fake news, not looking for a romantic encounter or relationship, but just a political operative exploiting the platform for political gain.  Some, she admitted, simply responded “TRUMP 2016!” when they found out she was more interested in Bernie Sanders than she was in them.

Her account was subsequently suspended by Tinder, according to the Asbury Park Press and Bernie Sanders eventually lost his primary to Hillary Clinton.

Gedrick represents the underlying problem of today’s liberal progressive millennials driven by the desire to have everything handed to them, regardless of whether or not they deserve it or whether or not their claims are factual.





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