Menendez Calls Hugin a “Slimeball”


WASHINGTON, DC-As New Jersey Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Bob Hugin calls for #metoo style justice against his opponent, Bob Menendez over allegations made by federal prosecutors that the New Jersey senator visited the Dominican Republic for sexual encounters, Menendez today swung back.

Menendez is visibly shaken by a series of campaign ads where Hugin hits Menendez hard on prostitution allegations that have never been fully vetted or investigated by the FBI.   The Washington Post was quick to rush to Menendez’s side sticking “four Pinocchios” on the ad.

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The #Metoo crowd, along with #metoo spartan Cory Booker have also been silent when it comes to allegations and accusations made against Menendez.

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Menendez called Hugin, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer a “liar” and “slimeball”.

“This deceitful, despicable attack ad tells you everything you need to know about Republican Bob Hugin: That he’s a slimeball, he’s a misogynist and he’s a liar,” Menendez said, according to Politico.

In 2015, a brief prepared by Obama administration federal prosecutors said allegations against Menendez were specific and corroborated, based on an affidavit made by an FBI agent investigating the matter.

When the FBI investigated and interviewed the suspected prostitutes, according to court records, they denied being prostitutes or having knowledge of Menendez’s alleged encounters with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

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According to Politico, the founder of the New Jersey Women’s March, Elizabeth Meyer said the MacArthur ad referred to, “Innuendo and old, unsubstantiated breadcrumbs.”

“Senator Menendez is a hypocrite and a liar,” said Megan Piwowar, a spokeswoman for Hugin. “While Menendez may want citizens of NJ to forget that the FBI had very specific allegations he had sex with underage women in the Dominican, our ad reminds them exactly what kind of a person they have in Bob Menendez. New Jersey voters have a very clear choice: Do you believe the denials of corrupt, career politician Bob Menendez and convicted felon Salomon Melgen, or do you believe the FBI and the Obama Justice Department?“

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