Howell, Monmouth Democrats Not Willing to Pay $15/hr for Campaign Workers


HOWELL-Double standards in the New Jersey Democrat party are abound in Howell Township as Democrats are unwilling to pay campaign workers $15 per hour, but at the state level, New Jersey Democrats demand businesses in the Garden State pay $15/hr.

Democrats who are pushing for legislation to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage aren’t willing to put their own money where their mouths are.

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“We have a great, paid opportunity to Get Out The VOTE!! From November 3rd to election day, November 6th,” the campaign posted on Facebook. “We will have two shifts a day: 10am and 3pm – $50/shift.”

The rate Democrats are willing to pay its workers falls 33% below the minimum wage they seek to pass in New Jersey.  The Democrats’ job posting today reinforces the reality that a $15 minimum wage in the Garden State is unaffordable for employers, even Democrats.