Guadagno: Legalizing prostitution would be better than legalizing pot

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In an interview with Bill Spadea on NJ101.5 yesterday, former Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno said legalizing prostitution would be less harmful than legalizing recreational marijuana and that doing so would benefit the women who work in the world’s oldest profession.

“Now that I’m not running for office anymore, if they need revenue that badly, let’s legalize a victimless crime and tax it up the wazoo.  What to I mean by that? Let’ legalize prostitution,” Guadagno said.

“It’s better for women cause they’ll get good medical care. We’ll cut off the middleman, if you know what I mean, and it’s between two consenting adults.”

“What is the difference? Except you won’t be losing an entire generation of children with pot.  There are other ways to raise revenue without raising taxes or by legalizing marijuana…”

After commiserating with Spadea for a couple of minutes  over the problems with legal recreational marijuana and the minor fiscal impact the revenue from cannabis  sales would have on New Jersey’s fiscal problems, Guadagno returned to legalizing prostitution to close the segment.

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“I’m telling you, if you really need the money, legalize prostitution.  Because at least it is a victimless crime and it will help women in terms of medical care and regulation.

“I know that sound outrageous,” the former LG said, “but that is what it sounds like to legalize pot to me.  It’s outrageous.”

In a phone interview with MMM, Guadagno said that she is not advocating legalizing prostitution and that the point she was making with Spadea was to illustrate the absurdity of the arguments put forth pro-recreational marijuana advocates.

“Prostitution is a victimless crime.  Marijuana is not a harmless drug.  From both a revenue and social justice point of view, it makes more sense to legalize prostitution than marijuana, but I’m not advocating either.”