NJ Assemblymen Say Murphy Illegal Immigrant Bail Out is Irresponsible

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TRENTON-New Jersey Assemblyman John DiMaio said this week, if the State of New Jersey has extra cash laying around, it should go towards public education and schools and not defend illegal immigrants hiding out in New Jersey.

John DiMaio

“New Jersey has struggled to fully fund its schools for decades, especially under the school funding formula.  Now, school districts that are facing millions in state aid cuts are being rejected as they plead for more money,” DiMaio, a Republican said. “Simultaneously, the state decided to spend millions to protect illegal immigrants in court.”

He called Murphy’s plan to spend millions on lawsuits defending illegals, while school districts here at the Jersey Shore such as Brick, Toms River and Jackson were stripped of state aid was irresponsible.

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“The spending choices of this administration are indefensible and irresponsible,” said DiMaio.  “Educating our children is a foremost responsibility of state government, and the Murphy administration has decided that responsibility should be rejected in favor of a noble ideal.  Schools are facing millions in budget cuts.  If we cannot afford to educate our children, paying for lawyers to protect illegal immigrants shouldn’t even be a consideration.”

Assemblyman Dave Wolfe, who represents Ocean County said that Governor Murphy needs to get his priorities back in order.

“The audacity of this administration to shirk its responsibility to provide students a thorough and efficient education while spending millions to protect non-citizens, who have broken immigration law, in court is astounding,” said Wolfe.  “The school districts I represent are facing multi-million dollar cuts in state aid that went to helping educate our students.  If the governor says education is a priority then his walk contradicts his talk.”

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The Murphy administration announced that they were allocating $2.1 million to legal services organizations to defend illegal immigrants in court.  Previously, 48 school districts applied for emergency aid to fund their budgets, but 35 were denied.

“It is a wonder how school funding and property tax relief can take a backseat to defending illegal immigrants,” DiMaio finished.

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