Christmas Light Show Shut Down by Old Bridge Mayor will Go On


OLD BRIDGE-A stand off between Old Bridge Township Mayor Owen Henry and his neighbor Thomas Apruzzi is looming after the mayor tried to shake down the holiday reveler over a light show at his home last week.  In a story that broke on Shore News Network and went viral across the nation, it’s unsure whether that standoff will continue.

The weather this weekend put a damper on the Old Bridge Christmas spirit as the lightshow does not operate in the rain due to the amount of outdoor electrical lines and circuits and for public safety along the roadways, according to Apruzzi, but the show will go on.

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Apruzzi said he will turn his lights on and he isn’t paying the township a dime.   Last month, the Old Bridge Township council rejected the mayor’s attempt to turn off the lights, by declining to pass an ordinance that would have prevented people from driving by the popular light show which has since been featured nationwide, including a feature in Time Magazine online.

Now, the ball is in the mayor’s court.  He can choose to fine Apruzzi or use the township’s code enforcement to enact his will against the Christmas display, but after reading comments from Old Bridge residents, it’s best that he just walks away from the table.

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Mayor Henry, a Republican, is up for mayor in 2019 and many residents, including his own neighbors disagree with his attempt to shut down Christmas at the Apruzzi house.

To find out when the light show is operating, please check their Facebook page here.

Mayor Henry has thus far refused to comment to Shore News Network for this story through emails sent to the township business administrator.