New Jersey Gun Rights Lawyer: Criminals Don’t Care About Phil Murphy’s New Gun Laws


TRENTON-Evan F. Nappen, a New Jersey lawyer whose expertise is firearms and navigating New Jersey’s overbearing gun control laws has said New Jersey residents who own ammunition magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds are now criminals according to the law, but the real criminals don’t care about Governor Phil Murphy’s gun control laws.

“Hundreds of thousands of otherwise honest citizens have now been turned into potential criminals for possessing lawfully obtained magazines over 10 rounds. A conviction for unlawful possession of a large capacity magazine under NJ law is a crime which is the equivalent of a felony conviction,” Nappen said. “A person who is convicted loses their Second Amendment Rights and becomes prohibited throughout the entire United States for possession of a firearm.”

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Shore News Network receives daily press releases from over 100 police departments statewide daily.   There have been no reports of suspected criminals turning in their high capacity magazines to law enforcement officials.    No such actions have been reported by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal’s office regarding compliance with the new law either.

“Of course, no real criminal is going to care about this law or obey it. Only law-abiding citizens will comply and be placed at a disadvantage defending themselves and their families,” Nappen said. “Governor Murphy and the Democrat controlled legislature has decided that you and your loved one’s lives aren’t worth more than 10 rounds.”

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Nappen said that Murphy and Democrats’ new and future gun legislation doesn’t make New Jersey safer for anyone but the criminals who know the population is quickly being disarmed by the state government.

Today, Grewal’s office announce a drug sweep in Newark.  Two AR-15 rifles with high capacity magazines were confiscated.  The five operators (pictured above) of the drug distribution facility did not turn in their high capacity magazines prior to the December 10th deadline.  Miraculously, two days after that raid, all 5 suspects remain in Essex County jail and have not yet been released under New Jersey’s bail reform and speedy trial act.

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