Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver Destroyed After Clammoring for $15 Min. Wage in NJ


TRENTON-Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver used her official government Facebook page this on Thursday to make a case for a $15 minimum wage in New Jersey.  She got destroyed by hundreds of upset New Jersey residents who realize how damaging that could be to business here.

“Make people feel entitled to more and expect the wage to go up even more. Also making them expect more handouts instead of actually working for them,” said RG Green.

“She didnt put “increase unemployment” when small businesses cut their staff in half,” said Daniel Henry.

“Give everyone a raise by lowering the cost to live in NJ by cutting government spending,” said Tim Bergen.

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Most railed the Lt. Governor over the potential of layoffs and the increase in municipal spending to cover employees currently making less than $15 per hour.

“And how about the people already making $15 an hour? What about their morale now that they are making minimum wage? Stupid idea, as usual,” wrote Wayne Gonzales.

“$15/hr will…… put small business out of business, learn some basic Econ,” Josh Steffen said.

Many criticized Oliver and Governor Phil Murphy for their out of control spending and plans to socialize life in New Jersey.

Cutting the wasteful spending by 25% will give people a pay increase that equal to 18$ per hour,” said Thomas Jesph.

“It is not hard for somebody with any common sense to figure out that when you double a business’s overhead the only way they could possibly stay in business would be to cut half the workers. The only reason the governor is entertaining this idea is because by bumping everybody up and doubling their pay it’s going to increase how much taxes they have to pay and he knows the state is flat broke. So glad we left New Jersey this year,” said Ed Lewis.

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“Basic economics will educate you on how this will destroy NJ’s economy and have businesses running away. Open a book for the sake of our state!” said Rosemary Foster.

I don’t know who is dumber, you or murphy,” Wrote Bob Morse.


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