Governor Phil Murphy Promises to Continue Screwing New Jersey Residents in 2019

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TRENTON-While most of us are making New Year’s resolutions to become better people, change our habits, our lifestyles, Governor Phil Murphy has vowed to continue being himself in 2019.

This week, Murphy touted his successes during his first year as New Jersey’s governor.    Gas tax hikes, sanctuary state, driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, a healthcare mandate, disarming citizens and the list goes on.

Heading into 2019, Murphy promised to continue raising taxes in the Garden State.  In 2018, he and his Democrat legislature raised taxes by $1.4 billion.  He calls it, “tax fairness”.   He also called his version of New Jersey, “Stronger and Fairer New Jersey”.

It may be stronger and fairer for some, but according to the comments from our readers, Murphy’s reign is definitely not benefiting New Jersey’s hard working, law abiding, legal citizen middle class.  In fact, they have been the targets of most of Murphy’s policies.

Sanctuary state rules endanger the general population.  Disarming law abiding, legal gun owners has even turned them into criminals themselves.  Despite recent low prices in gasoline, New Jersey remains in the top 10% of the country when it comes to how much we now pay for a gallon of gas to get to work.

This year, residents of New Jersey head into 2019 powerless to fight the California-like progressive agenda of Governor Phil Murphy, but there is hope.  The only way to counter Murphy is for residents to get involved in the 2019 state senate and assembly elections and vote local representatives, Democrat or Republican who vow to fight Murphy’s plan to turn our state into California of the east coast.

When we started Shore News Network and our print publications back in 2008, we did it to empower the people of our community here at the Jersey Shore.  In 2019, our goal is to empower the community statewide to defend against these assaults to our liberty, privacy and safety.   We invite you to join us as we take the lead in the state and break from our “peers” in the media to stop it all before it’s too late.

Please join our page, Stop Phil Murphy, to discuss who those candidates and as a place where hard-working, taxpaying, law abiding New Jersey residents can get together and start today, to STOP PHIL MURPHY from destroying New Jersey.