Byrnes: Murphy Illegal Alien Drivers License Plan Could Encourage More Illegal Immigration in New Jersey


BERKELEY TOWNSHIP-Governor Phil Murphy wants to give as many as 500,000 illegal aliens residing in New Jersey the ability to obtain driver’s licenses through the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Councilman Jim Byrnes and his fellow council members agreed that the law, which is called “New Jersey’s Safe and Responsible Driver Act” could lead to more illegal immigration in the Garden State, now seen as a safe haven for illegal aliens.

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“Such a measure can pose security issues and potentially lead to an influx of additional undocumented individuals in the state,” Brynes said.  “Neither New York nor Pennsylvania permit said individuals to obtain drivers licenses.”

The council worries that such a law in New Jersey would encourage illegal aliens in nearby states to relocate to New Jersey.

“The United States is comprised of laws that must be respected and preserved,” said Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato said. “Thus a privilege such as a driver’s license shall be bestowed on those who follow these laws.”


The mayor and council were unanimous in their opposition against the bill (A1738) and copies of their resolution were sent to legislators in the 3rd, 9th and 10th districts.

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