Jackson Township Hiring New Business Administrator

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JACKSON,NJ-Jackson Township is once again searching for a new business administrator after the resignation of Helene Schlegel who has been in the position since June 2014.  Schlegel has been missing in action at township council meetings since October of 2018.

Schlegel replaced former Business Administrator Jose “Joey” Torres, who also went missing in action during his last few months at the helm of the township.  In December, Torres was released from prison after serving one year after being arrested for political corruption while serving later as the mayor of the City of Paterson.

Mayor Michael Reina said he has been interviewing candidates to replace Schlegel.  In the meantime, Assistant Business Administrator Samantha Novak has been filling in for Schlegel during her absence.   According to public records, Schlegel was paid $156,525 annually by the township.

Schlegel’s hiring was touted by the township as a cost saving from Torres, starting the job at $96,000 per year, compared to Torres who was paid $120,000 per year.   During her four years with the township, her salary increased to $156,525 annually.

In February of 2018, Reina promoted his secretary, Samantha Novak to the position of Assistant Business Administrator.  Novak was given a $21,000 raise, according to the township.  The township did not announce that promotion until asked about it one month later.