Frankie Edgar and Mets Todd Frazier Spar with Conservative Radio Host over Toms River School Referendum


TOMS RIVER, NJ-Bill Spadea has been at it all week against the Toms River School Board whose $147,000,000 maintenance referendum was passed on Tuesday by voters.  Earlier in the week, he sparred with Superintendent of Schools Dave Healy over his quarter million dollar annual salary and bonuses and even school board member Joseph Nardini.

Despite Spadea’s lobbying of residents to vote no, they approved the spending bill that will now go towards fixing problems in a district that was once one of the model districts of the state until Democrats took over some 7 years ago.

This week, Spadea attacked New York Mets player Todd Frazier, of Toms River.  Frazier had some back-up in the Twitter battle, backed up by former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar, also of Toms River.  Both Edgar and Frazier have children growing up in Toms River.

Frazier, who is a graduate of Toms River High School South made a plea to voters to fix the damages and neglect that have plagued the district since the Democrat takeover of the board after former Superintendent Michael Ritacco was arrested and sentenced  to prison bribery and political corruption charges.

“Too bad @FlavaFraz21 let the education bureaucrats @NJEA use him this way. Stick to baseball Todd. We know the high taxes in Jersey won’t be hurting you,” Spadea said in the opening salvo.

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“Who are you again? Oh yeah, you’re bill. From Princeton. You’re not even from Toms River chiming in. Stick to whatever that is you do,” Frazier replied.

“Nice try Todd. Did you even bother to read the budget before you shilled for the @NJEA? I’m sure “NO” voters in Toms River love being dismissed and lectured to by a multi-millionaire athlete. Shame on you. You’d think with your NJ roots and all that talent you’d have more respect,” Spadea lashed out at the former all-star.

Really billy boy know 1 cares what you do or think,” Frazier replied. “Don’t be that jealous guy. I worked hard for where I’m at. Stick 2 the the radio so no one can see you and hide. Also on a side note, who r you pointing at in UR picture? “

Spadea then hit Frazier below the belt.

“You seem upset. Try to focus on your job. Gotta do better than 77-85 next season right? Asking for a friend,” he said.

Spadea was referring to the New York Mets dismal season in 2018, finishing 7 games under .500 while his former team, the New York Yankees finished an impressive 100-62 last season (Yankees fan dig).

Enter Frankie Edgar, who graduated from Toms River High School East.

“This clown is coming at you for trying to give your kids the same opportunities we had?” Edgar replied. “FOH! He’s not allowed in TR Anymore.”

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“You stood up for a tax hike with zero knowledge of the impact on working families. Relax Frankie. I never heard of you before you called me a clown and told me to stay out of Toms River. Prob time to put twitter down. Or follow the simple rules: Read. Understand. Then Tweet,” Spadea said about the champ.  Really?  Who in New Jersey doesn’t know who Frankie Edgar is?

“You don’t know me and I surely don’t know you. I am always going to stand up for the children in my town, if you have a problem with that keep it yourself and please do not address me again,” Edgar replied…to a comment Spadea might not have made if he actually face to face with Edgar.

Despite what Spadea thinks, who often talks just to be heard, the voters of the district supported the referendum.  Spadea’s on-air argument that some 40 million dollars funded by the state was out of the pockets of taxpayers in other towns, but he never took into account how much the New Jersey school funding formula robs annually from school districts in Ocean County to dump into failing urban districts, so that $40 million is merely just a refund of money taken by Trenton from the district in past years.

Spadea, however, was on point in saying that he was concerned that a district that has let the facilities and infrastructure crumble to the point of where it is today should be held more accountable for its past.

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Regardless, Frazier and Edgar are still champions in the hearts of many Toms River families and surrounding tiny boroughs that send their kids to school there.

In judging, Spadea lost his Twitter match with Frazier and Edgar, although he landed a few good hits, the Toms River duo landed more punches.  Even though there was no KO, or even TKO, they came out the winners.   If there was a KO, it was that of the Toms River voters completely ignoring Spadea’s rants.

Surely, it will be a moment Spadea will never forget, the day he went toe to toe with the champ and one of MLB’s most class acts.  A tale for the grandchildren, of course.

Important takeaways from this match as the season continues

Frankie Edgar is always up for a fight.
Todd Frazier probably should have stayed on the Yankees.
You never know who is going to fight next on the internet.
No school board members had criminal charges filed on them in this exchange.
Even though we all identify with North (the best), East and South, we always back each other up.
People still listen to AM/FM radio.

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