As Phil Murphy Prepares to Tax Rain, GOP Chairman Says Enough is Enough

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TRENTON-A bill to tax rainfall in the Garden State has landed on the desk of Governor Phil Murphy and he is expected to sign it into law.    This comes after a series of tax hikes by the governor during his first term that has contributed to a mass exodus by residents and businesses, according to a recent study by Atlas Van Lines.

Few outside the Democrat party are happy about the tax.

NJ GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt says the Democrat’s rain tax does nothing but continue to make New Jersey resident among the highest taxed residents in the nation.

“Adding to its reputation as the worst tax environment in the country, New Jersey is poised to tax – the rain. For little more than having a roof over your head, a driveway to your house, or a sidewalk in your yard, Democrats in Trenton see dollars in your rain drops and they want to collect them, in buckets,” said Chairman Steinhardt.  “Sweeney and Coughlin’s “Rain Tax” is the latest in a series of hidden, Democratic taxes aimed at padding Trenton’s pockets and punishing New Jersey’s families, all the while claiming they understand your burden and feel your pain, but they don’t.”

Steinhardt continued, “The Sweeny and Coughlin “Rain Tax” gives new meaning to the old cliché, when it rains it pours.  Rather than find creative ways to take more from New Jersey’s struggling families, let’s find decisive ways to stop the economic bleeding.  Pension and healthcare reform are two, great starts.  I call on Governor Murphy to use his veto pen like an umbrella and shield New Jersey from Sweeny and Coughlin’s “Rain Tax”.”