After Being Cited for Deplorable Living Conditions, Murphy Asks Fans to House Sky Blue Players

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MIDDLETOWN, NJ –Governor Phil Murphy has a problem with women.  Last year, he was cited for providing deplorable living conditions to the professional women athletes on his Sky Blue FC soccer club.  This year, he is hip deep in a rape coverup of a former campaign staffer.

Now, with a proposal for player dormitories in Jackson hanging by a thread, Murphy has to find boarding for his players for the 2019 season.    Despite having a handful of his 2019 college draft picks bail on the club, Murphy still has to do something with the rest of the team.

He’s now asking fans to provide housing for his players, mostly younger women.

Murphy’s net worth is estimated at roughly $55 million.    Murphy lives in a $9.6 million gated mansion in Middletown and pays $205,000 in property taxes, but is aksing soccer fans to house his players who make between $16,000 and $40,000 per year.

In light of recent scandals with the team, Murphy’s wife Tammy has