Residents Upset After New Video “How to Invade Jackson” by Orthodox Community Surfaces

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ-A group panel of prominent Orthodox Jewish Lakewood business owners and municipal officials has surfaced on YouTube by the “First Amendment Activist” discussing the future of Jackson Township and Toms River.

In the panel discussion topics ranged from real-estate purchases to building additions on homes to running businesses out of homes in Jackson.  The panelist common theme across the board was that currently the Jackson municipal government does not allow such activities, but once the community needs change, they predict those activities will be commonplace, just as they are in Lakewood.

The video, according to YouTube was created on February 15, 2017 and although entitled “How to Invade Jackson” is obviously meant to instill fear and panic in the community by the poster, it is actually more of a question and answer forum for Orthodox residents purchasing homes and land in Jackson and the expectations of home ownership in Jackson for the Orthodox community.

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At one point in the video, the panel openly discusses how Toms River and Jackson Townships will eventually change and begin to better meet the needs of the growing Orthodox populations and the impacts those changes will have on longtime residents in those communities.    Specifically, the panel discussed the eventual takeover of small non-Orthodox owned businesses that would be changed to businesses that would better serve the Orthodox community.

The panel was named “Lakewood versus Jackson Panel”, but was intended to help prospective Orthodox Jewish homebuyers choose between a home purchase in Jackson with its pros and cons versus purchasing a home in Lakewood, but touched on very sensitive topics in the community such as property taxes, future high-density development, zoning board issues and forecasting when the surrounding townships could more resemble Lakewood Township.

Below is the complete video.