Fact Check: Andy Kim Accepted Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Corporate Donors


WASHINGTON, D.C.- New Jersey Socialist Democrat Andy Kim (D CD-3) says he’s on a mission to block corporate interests from controlling Washington, D.C. politics.

“One of the things I’ve heard from so many of you across our district is the influence of big money in our politics. I see it in the lobbyists that flood the hallways of Congress. It’s why I’ve never, and will never, take a dime of corporate PAC money,” Kim said.  “We have a chance to make real change in our government to make sure that our Congress works by working for you. It’s why I’m a proud sponsor of H.R.1, and will always fight to put power back in the hands of the people.”

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There’s just one problem for the young socialist, filled of late with double-talk, he took well over $2,000,000 from corporate donors during his 2017 campaign for Congress against Republican incumbent Tom MacArthur.

According to OpenSecrets.org, a non-partisan federal campaign finance watchdog, Kim’s campaign coffers were stocked by corporate interests.

He accepted $445,273 from securities and investment firms, $427,311 from high powered and politically connected law firms, $278,000 from teacher unions, $197,000 from political action committees, funded by big business, $758,000 from the real estate industry and $125,841 from healthcare professionals.  He also accepted $355,000 from the communications and electronics industry.

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According to OpenSecrets.Org, Kim took in $449,000 from political lobbyists during his campaign.    The majority of Kim’s campaign donations came from outside of New Jersey.  He received over $3.3 million in campaign contributors outside of New Jersey compared to just $1.5 million from in-state donations.   MacArthur received more in-state donations than out of state donations.

Kim received a large portion of his campaign funding from the “Change Now  PAC” which received contributions from D.C. and New York elites, including Michael Bloomberg, powerful worker unions,

“Because I work for you, I get my priorities from you, not from corporate lobbyists that roam the halls of Congress,” Kim said in a recent posting on his congressional Facebook profile page.

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While Kim is now campaigning in D.C. to stop corporate interests from influencing politics in Congress, Kim is found more than guilty himself, of taking millions on corporate campaign funding.

Source: www.opensecrets.org.