FACT CHECK: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Took Campaign Money from Corporate Donors

NEW YORK CITY, NY-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the champagne socialist and starlet of the Democrat Party is on a mission to rid politics of corporate donors, that is after she took a hefty sum of corporate welfare herself during her congressional campaign.

According to the non-partisan campaign watchdog website, OpenSecrets.Org, Cortez took in $67,000 from the teacher’s unions, $60,000 from high profile lawyers, $36,000 from the securities and investments industry, $34,000 from the entertainment industry, $60,000 from the high-tech sector, $24,000 from public workers unions, $23,000 from real estate professionals and the list goes on.

In all, she raised over $2,000,000, compared to her opponent, Anthony Pappas who raised just $8,000.

For Ocasio-Cortez to say she wasn’t bought and paid for by big business, considering she raised more money for an election campaign than most of her constituents will earn in a lifetime, is laughable as she sits atop her swanky new apartment in the gentrified Navy Ship Yard section of Washington, D.C., still clamoring to push her socialist agenda on America, denying citizens the opportunity she now has.

When it comes to her lies about not accepting political action commitee money (PAC), it’s another joke.

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Cortez received nearly $100,000 from business and labor PAC’s during her campaign, a large majority of it coming from politically well-connected donors from outside of her home state of New York.

This hard-working Bronx bartender was able to pull $95,000 from SanFrancisco, $53,000 from Washington, D.C., $53,0000 from Los Angeles and $35,000 from Boston.  Not a bad take for a girl working the New York City grind.